Olga Syahputra

Olga Syahputra is a very famous artist and comedian in Indonesia.

His distinctive jokes made him widely known by the public. But the joke and the cuteness of Olga are now only memories.

Olga Syahputra suffered from Meningitis disease which made her last breath on March 25, 2015 and then in one of the Hospital in Singapore. Olga's figure is so funny and fun to make himself irreplaceable in the hearts of friends and fans. But some of these people are said to be similar to Olga Syahputra. Who are they?

Here's the Review.
1. Anwar Sanjaya Pigano

bab Anwar is one of the contestants who have participated in cooking in one private TV. Anwar is currently a great presenter on RCTI. Anwar has a cheerful character and a little wood, same as alm. Olga Syahputra. Is it deliberately imitating the deceased?
I have no idea!

2. Fergy or Teh Rina

Fergy is a new comedian. He is said to have the same manner and style of laughing as the late Olga.
Although from the physical and the face is very different, but he is similar to the side of wood and its kecentilannya no less gokil than the senior and his teacher.

Yes, the teacher. Because apparently while still alive, Fergy is good friends with Olga Syahputra. Even Olga indeed had no intention to orbit his best friend. Later Teh Rina alias Fergy who justify herself through various MC stage.

3. Rama

The man named Rama in the mention of having a face similar to the deceased. Rama is the winner of the Original or False show aired by Trans 7.
This is what Olga calls very much, especially from the side. The similarities are uploaded to Instagram. Consider how similar, from the side. Similar to Alm.OlgaSyahputra (I do not know who he is, sorry I've recorded quietly